COMING SOON: Walterboro Drive In Theater 1951-1990

My first job after graduating high school was co-managing a 50-year-old drive in in rural Virginia with my wife Diana, an experience that instilled an affinity for old outdoor theaters in both of us.

WalterboroDriveIn Map  WalterboroDriveIn 1953WalterboroDriveInWalterboro Drive-In, Walterboro, SC.

Located on Highway 63, the 280-car Walterboro Drive-In is one of a handful of recognizable abandoned drive-ins in the Palmetto State.  The theater opened in 1950 and closed in 1990.  While the skeleton of the screen still stands, but a trailer home sales lot occupies the property today.   Stay tuned, there’s more to come and this post will be updated with more photos and a great tale from the former owner.

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